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1st Apr 2022

A Guide to Tracked Dumper Hire

Tracked Dumper

A tracked dumper is a unique piece of plant machinery that offers many advantages over larger sized dumpers. Easy Plant Hire provides tracked dumper hire in Horley and the surrounding Surrey area.

What is a tracked dumper?

Tracked dumpers, or track dumpers, are excellent material handling solutions for smaller jobs that need the advantage of a tracked machine. This is machinery that is transported with rubber tracks instead of wheels. Their compact design and ability to travel across rough terrain make them ideal for smaller spaces and fitting through narrow areas. A tracked dumper is the smallest dumper option available.

Why should I hire a tracked dumper?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a tracked dumper rather than buying it outright. Plant machinery, in general, is very expensive to purchase. You need to pay a large sum of money up-front and then spend more money on the storage and maintenance of the machinery. It is unlikely you will make money back on this investment as plant machinery usually depreciates in value after use.

When hiring, you only need to pay for the time in which you want to hire the equipment. The equipment will be in the best condition possible, eliminating any concerns regarding proper maintenance and safety.

Where can I hire a tracked dumper?

Easy Plant Hire offers high-quality plant machinery at an affordable price, including the Slane HT1000 Tracked Dumper. It is hydraulically driven and comes with braked drive motors.

Tracked Dumper Hire

This compact tracked dumper has a width of 750mm and a length of 1900mm. This means it can turn on its own length and offers greater accessibility and manoeuvrability in urban areas or areas where larger plants can’t gain access.

It has a high tipping capacity of 1300mm, making it easy to tip into skips and similar waste disposal options. Low ground pressure and rubber tracks allow it to offer minimum ground damage.

How much does a tracked dumper cost to hire?

The cost of a tracked dumper will vary depending on which plant company you hire from, and context-specific factors. These include: how long you want to hire for, your location, the travel costs for the delivery and collection, and insurance cover if required.

The Slane HT1000 tracked dumper begins at £50 + VAT for daily rates, and £150 + VAT for weekly rates. Easy Plant Hire offers fast delivery to companies operating within a 15-mile radius of their location in Horley, Surrey.

  • 10-mile radius of Horley within 3 hours of receiving an order, at a cost of £30 each way. This includes the Gatwick area, Copthorne, Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, and more.
  • 15-mile radius from Horley within 4 hours of the order request, at a cost of £40 each way. This includes Caterham, East Grinstead, Horsham, and more.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Easy Plant Hire is the most affordable, reliable and fast service if you’re looking for tracked dumper and plant hire in Surrey.

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