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2nd Feb 2022

Guide to Excavator & Digger Hire in West Sussex

Excavator & Digger Hire in West Sussex

Easy Plant Hire offers businesses working in construction the option to hire the plant machinery they want as soon as they need it. Regardless of the task at hand, we can provide you with the best machinery and equipment, including Excavator & Digger Hire, at a competitive price. Our premium service delivers within 3-4 hours for businesses operating in Surrey or West Sussex.

Excavator Hire in West Sussex

An excavator is the ideal machinery for digging and removing large quantities of earth, for foundations, landscaping, or other such projects. There are different types of excavators to choose from, each one suiting a specific set of project requirements:

  • Skid steer: features buckets and arms that retract around the driver’s cockpit, allowing the vehicle to navigate narrow spaces.
  • Suction: an arm with rotating teeth first loosens debris to create a cavity, before water floods the hole and a high-power vacuum sucks up the mixture.
  • Dragline: a hoist and drag line sees the host rope attach a large bucket, giving the driver the ability to suspend it off the floor and move to a new location.
  • Crawler: the most common type of excavator, that run on tracks and feature large buckets with long teeth for digging into aggregate and soil.
  • Long reach: a larger version of a crawler, with arms that extend by more than 100 feet.

Easy Plant Hire offer a range of excavators, and mini-excavators, as part of their plant machinery hire.

Excavator Hire

Digger Hire in West Sussex

We offer a range of diggers and mini diggers for various size projects. A mini digger is a robust piece of machinery that is perfect for digging and demolition on a smaller scale. It is more ideal in some construction projects because of its ease of operation, speed, power and versatility. Their size allows them to rotate in full circles and efficiently execute small tasks such as digging ditches and holes. Larger sized diggers allow for deeper digging due to their more powerful engines.

When hiring a digger for your job, consider what digging depth you will require, as well as the amount of earth you wish to move. The type of terrain you will be working on will also influence what wheel or track type is needed for a seamless completion of the job.

Delivery to West Sussex

We deliver up to 15 miles away from our headquarters in Horley, within 4 hours of the order request, and at cost of £40 each way. This includes the West Sussex towns of East Grinstead and Horsham.

Easy Plant Hire understands that price is important, with all construction companies looking to keep overheads low to maximise the money from jobs. We are proud to offer a local price promise – it’s unlikely you’ll find a cheaper alternative, but if you do, we will match it!

Easy Plant Hire is the most affordable, reliable and fast service if you’re looking for plant machinery or equipment hire in West Sussex. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Easy Plant Hire, your stress-free supplier of plant and tools with or without an operator.

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