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23rd Jul 2020

How to Change an Excavator Bucket

Excavators can last forever with the right maintenance. But, checking the bucket and teeth and ensuring that they are not causing damage to the shank or main structure of the excavator is essential. Also, often, you will need to swap the bucket you are using for a more suitable one, according to the project you…

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26th May 2020

Kubota Mini Excavator – The Perfect Tool for your Job

Mini excavators have taken over larger excavators all over the world in terms of popularity. These excavators are well known for their excellent performance and reliability, but one that particularly stands out is the Kubota mini excavator. This excavator is a compact model suited to most people. Why Hire the Kubota Mini Excavator? This excavator…

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24th Apr 2020

Looking for Plant Hire in Crawley? We have you Covered!

Are you searching for plant hire in Crawley? If so, then there are various things to take into consideration. Firstly, you need to choose a service that offers everything your site requires. Secondly, you need a company you can trust, and one that offers a fast delivery service. Lastly, you want affordable plant hire to…

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12th Mar 2020

Plant Hire in Surrey – Why Choose Easy Plant Hire?

Easy Plant Hire offers plant hire in Surrey with a 24-hour service. We provide businesses with the option to hire what they need as soon as they need it. Regardless of the task at hand, it’s essential to find all the plant machinery and equipment as fast as possible. Not only that, but costs need…

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