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29th Sep 2020

What is Plant Hire?


The act of plant hire is where one company will rent its tools, machinery and other equipment out to another company. The company that is renting the machinery, tool and other equipment will typically have less capital, and plant hire is a cost-effective solution to this issue. 

A plant hire company will have a range of bespoke options to meet the needs of the companies hiring the machinery and equipment. 

Benefits of Plant Hire for Construction Work

There are several notable benefits of plant hire within the construction industry. 


As mentioned above, plant hire is cost-effective and can give a smaller company access to a wide range of machinery and tools for a relatively low cost. Plant hire means that you only hire what you need, for the time that you need it: no maintenance costs, no upkeep, and no large outlay on expensive tools and equipment. 

Top of the range

When you go for the plant hire route, you have access to higher quality equipment than you might ordinarily be able to afford. Many construction companies have to work within a tight budget in order to purchase equipment, and even though it is perfect for the job, it isn’t as high-quality as they might like. Using plant hire gives you access to the top of the range equipment. 

Wider Choice

As well as access to the highest quality equipment, when hiring, you can also choose from a wider variety of options. Having the option to choose from so many different machines means you are more likely to get exactly what you need. 


The space that is required to store large machinery and a huge range of tools is often an issue for smaller construction companies. Plant hire gives all sizes of the company even footing when it comes to the machinery they have access to as storing them is no longer an issue. 


Plant hire gives you the choice to be as flexible as you like with the construction projects that you take. If you need extra equipment in the middle of a project, then you have access to it. Hiring equipment also means that you will not have a large outlay on the equipment you perhaps didn’t need in order to complete the project. 


When you buy tools and machinery, over time, they lose value. The value of construction equipment goes down as soon as you pay for it. When you use plant hire, this is no longer an issue for you. You won’t have to balance that loss. 


When you rent machinery, you can take you time and compare prices, brands, machinery and packages—making sure that you get exactly what you need. 

Plant hire is the solution for many construction companies when it comes to machinery, tools and other equipment. Giving all construction companies access to high-quality options, bespoke equipment packages and a cost-effective solution. 

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